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Greyhound Rescue Associations
Ex-Racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets

Greyhound Many people are under the impression that a greyhound needs miles of walking each day - they don't. They do need a good walk each day as all dogs do, but not too the same level as when they were in training for racing. just reasonable exercise, which is good for you and the dog.

Greyhounds love people, they like the attention that kindly children give them. They like other dogs, in fact when they are at Greyhound racing kennels they live in pairs, but they will live very happily with a family as an 'only' dog. An ex-racer needs time to domesticate, yes, they will chase a cat if given the opportunity, that is why it is an essential precaution for the Greyhound to wear a light weight muzzle when he is out, on or off the lead. They will not object to wearing a muzzle, in fact they associate a muzzle in the same way as a lead. They do need a warm coat in the winter as they do feel the cold.

Having a dog as a puppy can be wonderful, but it can also be a difficult time for about 6 to 12 months. The task of house training - puddles and poos, the chewing of the furniture and carpets, obviously some puppies will learn quicker than others, but it can seem endless and very expensive. Where as a Greyhound, if not, already house broken will learn within a few days not to spend a penny in the house. And is most unlikely to chew the carpets and furniture. They do not shed loads of hair, but they do like being groomed.

Why not give a place in your home for one of these affectionate, gentle, tolerant and truly magnificent dogs and life will take on a whole new meaning. Your rewards from a Greyhound will be boundless love and devotion. 'Greyhounds should be Ambassadors to all breeds of Dogs' quote from Gail in Sussex.

Retired, Abandoned and Abused Greyhounds Urgently Require a Loving Home - PLEASE HELP

Greyhound Rescue: Organisations and Rescue Centres

Loyal, Loving, Lively, Likeable and Laughable! A retired Greyhound gives all of this and never makes demands on its owners. This year consider giving a dog a home. Adopt a greyhound and put a little bit more joy into your life.

There are many many greyhound rescue organisations and greyhound rescue centres, they can find the right dog for you. Here are just a few who will be happy to help you to become a Greyhound Owner. Also, remember Lurchers are usually part Greyhound or Whippet and some organisations have Lurchers available for rehoming. If you think I should include your rescue association on this Greyhound Rescue Association page then please contact me and I will consider your request. Thank you. Jan

Acresway Kennels were formed in 2010 to raise money for the veterinary costs of abandoned dogs, strays and mistreated dogs that find their way to Acresway Kennels.

Our aim is:
To provide funding for the routine neutering and vaccination of all dogs in the care of Acresway Kennels
To provide payment for any emeergency operations that maybe needed by any of these dogs
To help any dog requiring care on a temporary basis such as the owner going into hospital


Resources are tight and many homes are required and are difficult to find so if you can help, please do.

Erin Hounds is based in the North of England and aims to help a few of the many abandoned and neglected sighthounds that fall on hard times in Ireland.
Our mission is:
To rescue and rehabilitate Irish sighthounds in danger

To assist people considering a greyhound or a lurcher as a pet
To raise awareness of greyhound over-breeding and other welfare issues in Ireland

We've homed over 200 hounds since we began!

RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST NORTH DEVON (Covering Devon, Somerset & Dorset) -

Wimbledon Greyhound Rescue - Need to home 60 Dogs, Can you Help? -

Rescued Racers - Wales

: Contact Sam Graham - 01443 422757 / 07900 902784 if you can help provide a home for an Ex Racer in the Wales and
surrounding areas. Or visit there web site for further information :


Swiss Valley Greyhound Rescue was founded primarily to rescue, rehabilitate and

re-home greyhounds from the unlicensed track in Swansea, South Wales.

They take greyhounds directly from the track and from the trainers that race there.

The age of these greyhounds generally range from one to five years. Some are retired due to an injury, or their owner's circumstances have changed, whilst others find themselves in need just because they are too slow.

The greyhounds go to the kennels where they receive any necessary veterinary treatment, are vaccinated, neutered, de-fleaed, de-wormed and assessed. email:

Our Greyhounds - Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue Associate

Contact Jenny Stott- Visit because Greyhounds are
gentle, good with children, laid back and don't need a lot of exercise so
they make lovely pets. Their normal lifespan is around 13 years and many
don't start racing or finish at the age or 3 or 4 - They all deserve a
second chance. : email:

Maldon & Tiptree Retired Greyhound Trust

: Contact Sarah Levick 01621 788315 if you've got room in your home and hearts
for one of them, pick up the phone now and give us a call or visit our web site:

Eastern Counties RGT

: Contact Mrs. Linda Kent 0845 6022658 This is a new branch of the RGT and they are looking for immediate homing opportunities, if you can help.


GALA Greyhound and Lurcher Aid - Hartlepool : Contact Jan at Cottage Industry SalesGifts only if you can offer a dog a home - GALA do not have the facilities to take in rescue dogs- URGENLY needed goods homes for abandonend greyhounds
in and around the Hartlepool area.

Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust: Contact Pat Chan 0121 426 4810

Greyhound Rescue West of England: Contact - Rescue mainly "throwaway" greyhounds and lurchers-


Halfway Home Kennels - Rehome Retired Greyhounds Across Essex - img/center/grey_line.gif
Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue in the North East - Rehome Retired Greyhounds & Lurchers - http://www.greyhoundandlurcherrescuenortheast/index.htm img/center/grey_line.gif

GAGAH is a non-profit making organisation. It was set up in 1999 to encourage people to choose a rescue greyhound/
in preference to a privately bred dog. The aim of GAGAH is to rehome greyhounds and lurchers and to raise awareness
on what happens to them once they have served their use. Based in Aberdeenshire
Contact Diane Henderson-Stubbs Tel: 01771 644059-
Northumberland Greyhound Rescue Charity Group -

DOG RESCUE An independent and FREE service for prospective adopters and charities to help dogs in need.
EMAIL: Jodie_adams Web:

Gail - Greyhounds & other breeds - Sussex Tel. 01273 846969
Greyhound Rescue Castledon Kennels, Wickford, Essex- Jodie and Sandra, 01268 733293 -
If you visit this site you can see a catalogue of current dogs desperately looking for a new home. A picture of each dog is shown along with a history, description and observation of charactor

Mike & Di Bowman - Greyhounds only Devon - Cornwall Tel. 01288 352656
N.Ireland Greyhound and Lurcher Information -
Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue - Mandy Brown
Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue -
Greyhound Rescue Resource Centre UK & World -
Croftview Greyhound Rehoming Kennels - Kent -
Lurcher Search UK - Lost, Found & Stolen UK wide -
BVA - Animal Welfare Association -
Animals in Distress Sanctuary - Manchester & Lancs -
Defensa dels animals d'Osona -
Fight agains greyhound misery - Based Switzerland -
Greyhounds Rescue NL -
Lurcher Search UK - Lost & Stolen Rescue Service -
Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue - W. Yorkshire -
The Retired Greyhound Trust - Nottingingham Branch -
Bill Maynard - Greyhounds - Kent Tel. 01634 220131
Sally Slater - Devon Greyhound Rescue Charity Tel. 01805 601190 or email
Ray Holmes - Greyhounds - Kent & S.E London Tel. 0181 300 1420
Ian Goodenough - RGT - North Devon - Covering from
Weymouth/Poole to North Devon
Alan Thomas - Greyhounds - Wales Tel. 01792 472196
Saluki Rescue - Karen Fisher Tel. 01279 838855 or Denise Tel. 01302 771143
Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary - Friskney Lincoln Tel. 01754 820593
Anne Finch - Greyhounds in Need
Irish Greyhounds Rescued in Spain & Italy
To re-home in Europe and Great Britain
Surrey Area
Tel:01784 436 845
Fax:01784 477490
Greyhounds In Need Newsletter -START HERE FOR LATEST

Malcolm and Gail Hickmott - Greyhound and Tortois (honest!), Rescue Association - Jersey, Channel Islands Tel. 01534 742619 e-mail:
Sue - Greyhounds in need - Bournemouth, England Tel/Fax 01202 513000
Wendy - Greyhounds - Hatfield, Herts. England Tel. 01707 261797
Beverley - Greyhounds In Need - South Wales Tel. 01446 796368
Denise - Greyhounds & Lurchers - Scotland and the Highlands Tel. 0141 644 2570
Tony of Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue - Worsc. Area or email:
Great Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders - Yarmouth. Area Tel. 0845 583797
Irish Terrier Rescue, KC Approved. - North of England 01200 428475 Margaret O'Kane
Belgium Rescue Association and Club - Proactive and Successful homing organisation-

img/center/grey_line.gif img/center/grey_line.gif

If you have any question about Greyhound Rescue Associations, please Contact Me.

How to Measure for a Greyhound Coat, Whippet Coat, Lurcher Coat, Dog Coat
Can you give a retired, abused or abandoned greyhound a home, click here to find out how