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The Postage and Packaging

The Postage and Packaging are calculated on total weight of Gifts and Accessories ordered and the destination they are to be sent to.   See examples at the bottom of this page. Prices quoted for each gift, do not include postage and packing, which will be added at cost, to all orders. All prices quoted are shown as a guide only due to increases in postal and packaging costs it is not possible to keep this page upto-date






101grms to 750grms


Up to 6 kilo


751grmso to 1000grms


Upto 10 kilo


1001grms to 1500grms


Upto 13 kilo


1501grms to 3000 grms


Upto 16 kilo


3001grms to 4500 grms


Upto 20 kilo


4501grms to 6000 grms


Upto 30 kilo


For parcels with destinations to Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the Channel Islands Please
Add 50% to the above UK delivery prices.


Up to 200 grms £4.00 Up to 4 kilo £26.00
Up to 260 grms £4.50    
Up to 400 grms £5.00 Registered, Insured Air Mail Add £4.70
Up to 500 grms £5.50    
Up to 650 grms £6.60    
Up to 1 kilo £8.00    
Up to 2 kilo £15.00    

The Rest of the World outside Europe post/package

Up to 300 grms £6.00 Up to 13 kilo £44.00
Up to 500 grms £8.50 Up to 16 kilo £45.00
Up to 600 grms £11.00 Registered, Insured Air Mail Add £5.00
Up to 1000 grms £15.00    
Up to 1500 grms £19.00    
Up to 2000 grms £22.00    
Up to 3000 grms £25.00    

In all cases if the weight of your order exceeds the weights published above, please contact us for
a cost of delivery prior to placing your order as this prevents unncessary delays and misunderstandings.

All postage and packaging prices quoted above are current at 7th May 2012.

We reserve the right to adjust these prices without notice should our costs (packaging or postage) increase.

The prices above are provided only as a guide. Thank you.

Return Policy

In most circumstances you may return any product within 7 days for a prompt refund or exchange, without affecting your statutory rights. Postage is NOT refundable. Also, we are happy to exchange products but please enclose the relevant postage with the returned goods.

For further information, see Return or Exchanges

How to Measure for a Greyhound Coat, Whippet Coat, Lurcher Coat, Dog Coat
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