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How to Measure a Dog

How to Measure a Dog for a Coat

Measurements for all coats are taken whilst the dog is standing, and not from any other position.

Measurements are taken from the SHOULDER BLADES, which is the beginning of the spine, to take the tape measure along the spine to the root of the tail (where the tail meets the body). DO NOT mesure up the neck it will give you an incorrect measurement for the coat you require.

The Hooded Walking Out Coat (which is the traditional name given to this type of coat). This type of coat has a turned back hood/collar section is to cover the neck, it is not designed to cover the head. The hooded aspect refers to the piece of material that can be pulled up to cover the dogs neck in bad weather. If not required it can be turned back.

When measuring the coat, do not include the measure of the hood/collar as this will give you an incorrect measurement. This is because by folding the hood/collar you gain extra inches from the fold. For example; a folded hood/collar on a size 21" whippet coat will measure 23" long this is due to the hooded element being folded. The hood in this example is six inches which would make a total of 27" long, which is the correct measurement for a 21" coat. So to measure the coat, lay it flat (no fold of hood), take the measure from the end of the coat along the spine of the coat, upto where the hood would be folded and this will give you the correct measurement.

Many customers who have ordered the wrong size hooded coat, call me to complain that we have sent a 35" coat instead of the size 26" they ordered. To determine the size of the hooded coat you receive, measure the entire coat and then deduct the hood size as listed below and this will give you a good approx. size for the coat you have been sent.

19 & 21 inch coats have 6" hood
22 inch coats have 8" hood
23 inch coats have a 7" hood
24 inch coats have a 8" hood
26 and 28 inch coats have a 9" hood
30 inch coats have a 10.5" hood

Tie sytle coats ie. Kennel Coats are not hooded and are the simple design of slip over the head, smooth down and bring the ties underneath, back over to the top and tie. These coats are more comfortable then the velcro style, for your dog to sleep in.

Tie Style Sizing: Average Female Greyhound 26", Large Female Greyhound 28", average Male Greyhound 28" and Larger Greyhound 30".

How to measure a dog for a dog coat

Sizing Charts

INCH 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
CM 25.4 27.9 30.5 33.0 35.6 38.1 40.6 43.2 45.7 48.3

INCH 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
CM 50.8 53.3 55.9 58.4 61.0 63.5 66.0 68.6 71.1 73.7

INCH 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
CM 76.2 78.7 81.3 83.8 86.4 88.9 91.4 94.0 96.5 99.1

INCH 40 41 42 43 44 45
CM 101.6 104.1 106.7 109.2 111.8 114.3


How to Measure a Dog for a Collar

A 14" Dog Collar will fit a Whippet neck of 10" - 12"

A 16" Dog Collar will fit a Whippet neck of 11" - 13"

A 17/18" Dog Collar will fit a Greyhound neck of 13" - 15"

A 19" Dog Collar will fit a Greyhound neck of 13" - 16"

NOTE: Collar sizes are the overall size of the collar. Please measure the dogs neck - As a general rule for longdog collars, you should not allow for any extra length (ie by putting fingers under the collar, which would be the normal action for a domestic dog), as the collar is likely to slip over the dogs head and; all leather will "give" a little over time.

How to Measure a Dog for a Muzzle

To measure a dog for a Wire Racing Muzzle take the measure from the back of the base of the ears, down to the tip of the dogs nose. Provide us with this measurement and the dogs breed, or (or cross if a Lurcher), and we should be able to match up your requirements with the correct size wire racing muzzzle. If you dog has never worn a muzzle, then we recommend that you use a plastic version first as the dog could injure itself by when trying to remove the muzzle. Never leave a dog alone in a wire muzzle if it has no experience or wearing one or if you are unsure of the dogs history.

Some larger Lurchers cannot be fitted with plastic muzzles as the depth of the muzzle is insufficient to fit the dog, in such cases only wire muzzles are available and the above advice should be heeded in such circumstances.

Plastic muzzles are 'one size fits all'. The adjustment is in the strap. Plastic Coated Wire Muzzles see sizing below.


SIZE 6 MUZZLE WILL FIT A MEASUREMENT OF 10" (25CM) TO 11" (28CM) - Average female greyhound size

SIZE 7 MUZZLE WILL FIT A MEASUREMENT OF 12" (29CM) TO 12 1/2" (32CM) - Average male greyhound size

SIZE 8 MUZZLE WILL FIT A MEASUREMENT OF 13" (33CM) TO 13 1/2" (35CM) - Larger male greyhound size * not available for KS8

For Lurchers you need the length as above and you need to state in the message box, whether this a a Greyhound or Whippet breeding.






How to Measure a Dog for a Harness


Meausrement is taken from the diameter of the dog at the widest part of the body behind the front legs.

Take the tape measure around the complete part of the body of the dog (behind the front legs), this give the diameter of the dog for a harness size.

When the dog wears a coat the harness is worn over the top of the coat.

Please note: the adjustable jpart of the strap on the harness is NOT fleece lined because if it were lined, you would not be able to adjust the size.

How to Measure for a Greyhound Coat, Whippet Coat, Lurcher Coat, Dog Coat
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