How to Measure for a Coat

How to measure a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher for a Dog Coat-

            Measurements for all coats are taken whilst the dog is standing, and not from any other position

           Measurements are taken from the SHOULDER BLADES, which is the beginning of the spine, to take the tape measure along the spine to the root of the tail (where the tail meets the body).    DO NOT measure up the neck it will give you an incorrect measurement for the coat you require.

           The Hooded Walking Out Coat (which is the traditional name given to this type of coat).  This type of coat has a turned back hood/collar section is to cover the neck, it is not designed to cover the head. The hooded aspect refers to the piece of material that can be pulled up to cover the dogs neck in bad weather.  If not required it can be turned back.

           When measuring the coat, do not include the measure of the hood/collar as this will give you an incorrect measurement. This is because by folding the hood/collar you gain extra inches from the fold. For example; a folded hood/collar on a size 21"; whippet coat will measure 23" long this is due to the hooded element being folded. The hood in this example is six inches which would make a total of 27" long, which is the correct measurement for a 21" coat. So to measure the coat, lay it flat (no fold of hood), take the measure from the end of the coat along the spine of the coat, upto where the hood would be folded and this will give you the correct measurement.

              Many customers who have ordered the wrong size hooded coat, call me to complain that we have sent a 35" coat instead of the size 26" they ordered.  To determine the size of the hooded coat you receive,  measure the entire coat and then deduct the hood size as listed below and this will give you a good approx. size for the coat you have been sent.

              19 & 21 inch coats have 6" hood

              22 inch coats have 8" hood

              23 inch coats have a 7" hood

              24 inch coats have a 8" hood

              26 and 28 inch coats have a 9" hood

              30 inch coats have a 10.5" hood

                           Tie style coats ie. Kennel Coats are not hooded and are the simple design of slip over the head, smooth down and bring the ties underneath, back over to the top and tie.  These coats are more comfortable then the velcro style, for your dog to sleep in.

             Tie Style Sizing: Average Female Greyhound 26", Large Female Greyhound 28", average Male Greyhound 28" and Larger Greyhound 30".